Symptoms checker app

If you think you have the symptoms of sleep apnoea, you should try out our new online symptoms checker app. You will be asked a series of questions and depending on your answers, it will tell you whether you are at low, moderate or high risk of having the condition. It also explains how each symptom relates to sleep apnoea.

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Night-time symptoms

If you have sleep apnoea you will likely experience symptoms during the night. The most common are waking up gasping for air and snoring. And if you share your bed with someone, there’s a good chance they’ve seen you having apnoeas while you sleep. These symptoms can leave you feeling permanently tired and worn out during the day.

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Morning symptoms

If you have sleep apnoea you can experience several symptoms when you first wake up. The most common of these is a morning headache which normally passes within half an hour. While these symptoms don’t generally last very long they can affect your ability to carry out your morning routine.

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Daytime symptoms

If you have sleep apnoea you are likely to experience symptoms during the daytime. The most common are excessive daytime sleepiness and lack of energy although there are many others that you may not have linked to sleep apnoea before.

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