Sleep apnoea and pro sports – the surprising link

The benefits of exercise on your body and mind are huge. Not only does it reduce the risk of major illness, it also leaves you with a warm, endorphin-fuelled after-glow. And best of all, it can even reduce the severity of sleep apnoea. But there is a flip side: Take exercise to the extreme and you can actually cause sleep apnoea, especially if you build up your chest and neck muscles. You might be surprised to learn that Sleep apnoea is rife among elite basketball and American football players.

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Why Sleep apnoea is ruining your waistline

Are you desperate to lose weight and wonder why you can’t? Do you find the weight is piling on despite having committed every fad diet to memory? What you may not realise is that your attempts at weight loss are being sabotaged by sleep apnoea — a condition notorious for ruining not only sleep but waistlines too!

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Striking rise in sleep studies in UK and US

The number of sleep studies being completed in both the UK and US has seen a massive increase. In the UK alone the number has doubled in just 10 years! A better awareness of the importance of good quality sleep has played a large part in this unexpected rise.

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